Construction site safety

The Client/Employer, if he entrusts construction work or construction to third parties, has the obligation to coordinate and manage the activities of his sub-contracts (Legislative Decree 81 / 08) and to protect the safety and health of all workers involved in the aforementioned construction or construction activities.

We assume the role of Safety Coordinator both in the planning phase (C.S.P.) and in the execution phase (C.S.E.) as well as in the Customer Safety Contact Point if the D.I. 22 July 2014, Legislative Decree 81/08. During the design phase, we manage and coordinate the interference between the contractors involved in the work, we verify the technical and professional suitability of the sub-contracts and draft the Safety and Coordination Plan (P.S.C.) or the Interference Risks Assessment (D.U.V.R.I.) according to the cases, we control and manage the building site/working area during the execution of the works and we assist the Client throughout the whole procedure.

Furthermore, in the case of public entertainment events, we coordinate relations with the Locations of the event (Fairs and/or Locations of public entertainment).


Milan Unica fair event
Client: Milano Unica. Date: 1997-today.
Activity: Construction safety management.
Milano Unica is the reference fair for fabrics and accessories
high range for women and men clothing.

Main activities:

2006-2017             Health and Safety managing MOTOLIVE, Fiera di Milano, Rho.

2006-today            Health and Safety managing Milano Unica, Fiera di Milano, Rho.

2017                      Health and Safety managing ATP FINALS Next Generation, Fiera di Milano, Rho.

2018                      Health and Safety managing FLEXFORM, Salone del Mobile, Fiera di Milano, Rho.

2013-2017             Health and Safety managing Molteni&CO, Salone del Mobile, Fiera di Milano, Rho.