Corporate safety

The safety and health system in the workplace includes all the preventive and protective measures to be taken to manage the health, safety and well-being of Workers, avoiding Workers’ exposure to risks related to their work activities, eliminating injuries and professional diseases.

According to the Legislative Decree 81/08, each Employer has the duty to protect the safety of their workers. It is necessary to start from a correct business risks assessment and from the definition of the professional figures, sharing the rights and duties of each individual worker.

For more than 20 years, the Firm has been monitoring Customers in the management of corporate safety and health practices. Our engineers have repeatedly held the role of Head of the Prevention and Protection Service for large companies, assisting Employers in assessing the risks of Employee activities.

We propose preventive and protective measures, we coordinate the control and maintenance systems of these measures and we manage the information and training programs of the workers.


Main activities:

1980-1997            Corporate Safety and Health manager of Ferrovie dello Stato S.p.A.

2011-2014            Corporate Safety and Health manager of Nolostand S.p.A.