Structures design

The Firm Salati supports Customers in the management of design activities and related coordination activities, drawing on the skills of various disciplines such as mechanical engineering and electrical engineering.

The Firm, over the years, has deepened the knowledge of both the Italian Technical Building Standards (NTC 2018), the European Eurocodes and those of North America (ACI).

Our engineers are present during all phases of design and construction: they listen to the customer’s needs and transform the idea into a finished product.


Camera Oscura
Client: AKK Architects. Date: 2015.
Activity: Design of temporary structure for the Design week in Milan.
AKK Architects is an English architectural firm
specialized in the construction of outdoor structures.

Main activities:

2006-today            We design structures for Way S.p.A., Stipa S.p.A., Eurostand S.p.A., Eurofiere S.p.A., Litec S.p.A., Ianiro Alutek, etc.