Supervisory State Commission

What is a license for a entertainment show?

To perform a Entertainment show it is mandatory to receive from the State the license.

The documentation that the Organizers must present requires a risk analysis and a consequent organic design of the Event that takes into account the existing problems – fire risks, design of facilities and facilities for the public.

This documentation will, once presented, be discussed in the presence of a Firm Technician, at the headquarters of the Public Performance Supervision Commission.


ATP Finals – Next Generation
Client: Comitato Olimpico Nazionale Italiano Date: 2017.
Activity: Supervisory State Commission.
Next Generation ATP Finals is an annual tennis tournament dedicated to
the best young people under 21 of the ATP World Tour season.

Main activities:

2006-2017         Supervisory State Commission for MOTOLIVE, Fiera di Milano, Rho.

2017                  Supervisory State Commission  for ATP FINALS Next Generation, Fiera di Milano, Rho.