Static testing

The Firm carries out tests to ensure compliance with the regulatory procedures governing structural works; compare the project deposited with what was built on site.

Our engineers make sure that the Construction manager enforces the contents of the structures project and that he carries out all the inspection for the material acceptance and collects the corresponding Certifications.


VII World Meeting of Families “Feast of the Testimonies”
Client: Group 2A. Date: 2012.
Activity: Tested tensile structures installed.
The World Meeting of Families is an international meeting promoted by the Catholic Church.
The event consists of various events that take place over several days.

Main activities:

2006-today            We perform static testing for Way S.p.A., Stipa S.p.A., Eurostand S.p.A., Eurofiere S.p.A., Litec S.p.A., New Light, ORDO.