Fire prevention experts

With fire prevention, we refer to the complex of activities aimed at preventing the risk of fires.

The Employer is obliged to draw up an assessment of the risks present in the place where the daily duties are performed. The prevention system provides for a careful assessment of risks and the adoption of prevention practices.

For the work activities and for the premises of the Public Show, it is necessary to obtain the Fire Prevention Certificate (C.P.I.), which generally includes the design and implementation of the adjustment works until the final certification is obtained. The C.P.I. must be renewed every 5 years. We are Fire Fighting Professionals who meet the requirements of Legislative Decree 139 of 2006 (pursuant to Law 818/84).

The study supports customers during the steps to be taken to obtain the Fire Prevention Certificate and during the drafting of Emergency Plans.

Furthermore, in the case of entertainment show, our engineers write:

  • The Emergency Plan of the Event.
  • Firefighting practices necessary for obtaining the Public Performance License.
  • They collect the fire certificates of the materials used for the fittings.


Fire Prevention Certificate
Client: Torneria Tortona. Date: 2012-2014.
Activities: Practices for the issue of the Fire Prevention Certificate.
Torneria Tornona was an integral part of a large industrial site.
Today it is an exhibition space that mixes the craft tradition
with the contemporaneity of fashion and design.

Main activities:

1997-2017             Consulting services to Fiera Milano S.p.A.

2002-today            Consulting services to East End Studio.

2012-today            Consulting services to Torneria Tortona.